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Gyártó: NO NAME
Bruttó ár: 2.635Ft
Nettó ár: 2.075Ft
Készlet: Készleten
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Mennyiség: Kosárba rakom
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 Sound activated or manual activated recording.
    Smallest Digital Video Camera.
    Thumb size alloy housing - fits anywhere.
    High Resolution: 720 x 480 (some advertise 640 x 480)
    Clear Audio Recording.
    Supports AVI video and JPEG format.
    High Speed 30 FPS (or 25 FPS) recording and quick light response.
    Works in low illuminated areas. High resolution image with 2000K pixels.
    2.0M pixels high speed recording CMOS.
    Built-in Li rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours Use Micro SD card.
    250 Hour standby time under sound activated recording mode.
    Supports up to 8GB Micro SD memory card or TF card.
    May come with 2GB - 8GB card. Some sources sell card separately.
    Web camera for on-line video chat
    Supports USB 1.1 - 2.0
    Flexible installation with clip and brackets.
    Included accessories: belt and clothing clip, wall mount, car dashboard mount which is also used as a stand, USB cable.
    View angle 800
    Weight 14 g. Size 52 x 21 x 20 mm.

   Video format                AVI
   Video encoding              M-JPEG
   Video resolution            720*480 VGA
   Video frame rate            30fps
   Media playing software      Windows operating system or Mainstream audio
   The ratio of image          4:3
   System support              Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista, Mac OS 10.4
   Charging voltage            DC-5V
   Interface type              Mini 5 pin USB
   Memory                      Micro SD (TF)
   Battery type                High-capacity lithium polymer

Manufacturers and distributors. I find various names of companies branding this unit. At first it looked as if several different types of the MD-80 Mini DV existed. They all seemed legit and official and they all looked the same. It struck me as something odd since these cameras all appeared to have multiple manufacturers. One thing I noticed was that none of these appear to following the quality check requirements for USA merchandise. First time listed on Internet was in 2009.


    Compact and inconspicuous.
    Comes with good selection of attachments. Nothing extra to buy.
    Only three buttons needed to operate the camera.
    Slight body movements make videos jerky, as with any video camera.
    Download almost instantly with USB cable to Windows.
    Low price.
    Quick learning curve once you have the instructions.


    No instructions or if included are in very poorly translated Chinese. Useless.
    No quality control. They basically just throw them together after verifying they record videos.
    No indicator lights to show when unit has fully charged.
    Lights did not work correctly on first one received.
    No support available. You depend on forums and people who have used them.


This Mini DV is a high-definition video recorder with sound control, elegant design, and small size, it is easy to carry. It is an essential utility in business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, and health care.
Instructions are easy - follow these steps

    Insert Micro SD memory card
    Charge battery in camera for at least 1-hour. It takes 2.5 hours for full charge.
    Camera facing forward. Press "POWER" button on right for 2 seconds. Blue lights on top.
    Press grey "RECORD" button on top for one second. A red light should appear. You are recording.
    Press "RECORD" button for one second to stop recording.
    Press "POWER" button for one second to power off.
    With camera turned off, connect USB cable from computer to computer.
    Select the device option that Windows discovers. Click on it.
    Click on 100MEDIA. Click on DCIM. There is your video file(s).
    Double click on the video file to view it.

I do volunteer Police work. We volunteers go out in teams and patrol neighborhoods, shopping centers in vehicles, do foot patrol at special events, football games and many other events which make the work easier for the police officer. This was recommended by an officer to record an occasion where citizens refused to comply with parking instructions and other situations. If the confrontation were recorded, it would be evidence that would stand up in court.

Have you bought one of these Mini Digital Video Recording Cameras? Are you having trouble getting it to work?
Read On :---

Having bought one of these, I think they are marvelous for the price. Once you get them to work they are simple to use, functioning as a Web cam or Digital Video Recorder, which also has VOX capability. The audio is pretty decent, but that is not necessarily what you buy a camera for. I concluded that the video is okay.

The MD80 camera will not operate without a microSD or microSDHC card.

Sellers advertise this device it takes up to a 4Mb, 8Mb or 16Mb card. I am using the 8Mb card. The box indicates an 8Mb card is max. Some sell the device with the card, others say you have to buy it separately.

There are three buttons and two LEDs (lights). The three buttons are pretty straight forward, as they are helpfully labeled with "Power" and "Mode" on the side buttons, and some symbols by the top button. The symbols appear to be the standard Stop (a square) and Record (a circle) symbols. On my camera, the LEDs are red and blue.

When charging lights are blue lights and flashing slowly about once every 10 seconds on my unit. To charge the unit, connect the USB cable from the computer to the device. Some units come with a 110-V wall plug. Once source reported the USB takes about 2 hours to fully charge if the battery is completely empty, then the blue light will stop blinking letting you know charge is complete.

Buying SD Cards: SD cards range from 2-32 GB (Tip: 4 GB is 1 hour of video recording). You wont need more than a 4G SD card for this cam. The cards used are the Micro SD/TF/SDHC with storage space 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB. Your local computer store may sell these cards but you will probably find them cheaper on Ebay. The higher the class number (2, 4, 6...) the faster the read/write speed, also little more expensive. When inserting the SD card the brass pins on card will face towards front of camera.

When device is ON it has a steady blue light. It will go back to standby (turned off) if not activated within 45 seconds.

Power button: Press the power button to turn the device on. The Blue light will come on and the Red light will flash momentarily. Press the button again to turn it off. That is not a brain teaser.

Mode button: When you start recording, you are in the ALWAYS-ON mode. It keeps recording until you stop it. If you press the mode button (on left side) while recording it switches to the VOX mode. I will continue recording for two minutes or as long as there is 60 db of sound, then it goes into standby mode until there is sound again. It resets to normal mode when you power off.

When not recording you, can press the mode button to switch to VOX mode. The red light will flash slowly. Press the record button and the red light will flash faster.
You can tell that Sound-activated mode has been chosen as the red LED flashes about twice a second. It is not recording in either mode at this point. The red flash rate changes when recording.

Record button: This is the grey button on top. To start recording, press the GREY button on the top of the device. The Red light will flash, you are now recording. To stop, press the GREY button again

Instructions :-

The Chinese/English instructions are written by someone with only rudimentary understanding of English and unclear. I wonder what it would have cost him to get someone else to translate so we could understand. The instructions are also very misleading especially when they refer to Green and Yellow Lights, which are not present. Substitute Red and Blue for the lights. It appears that several different companies manufactured this camera.

Let’s go over the lights again.

    When charging blue lights are on and flashing slowly, about once every 10 seconds. Mine flashes every four seconds.
    Power ON and the Blue light will come on and is steady.
    In VOX mode the red light will flash slowly, about once a second.
    To record press the GREY button on the top of the device. The Red light will flash,

What you get in the package :-

I think eBay might be the cheapest site to purchase this camera, however Amazon is best for standing behind the sale. I bought one through Amazon. I had a problem with the first one. It had just blue flashing LEDs for all settings. You could not tell if the device were charging, in record mode, or VOX mode. I complained to Amazon and promptly got a refund from Amazon with a return shipping label. I ordered from another company through Amazon and the LEDs are working okay.

The first camera had a wall charger and no MicroSD card. The second camera came in an identical box, but no wall charger. It came with an 8Gb card. I really did not plan to use the wall charger anyway, so it does not make a difference to me.

Charging :-

Before doing anything else, the device needs to be charged. Plug the USB lead into the device and into the computer or wall charger.

Blue lights are on when charging and flashing slowly, about once every 10 seconds on my unit. This shows the device is charging. When fully charged, the Red light stays on, (I guess, I never know when it is fully charged).

To Download Videos :-

Turn on the camera. Plug the USB lead into the device and into the computer, Windows USB card reader should pop-up to access the device. If it does not, go to ’My Computer’ and look for the device, it will show as an extra drive, double click and it will open, showing a drive name you have not seen before. On my computer it appeared as ’Removable disk on :F.’

Videos are saved as AVI files in the folder 100MEDIA/DCIM. You can click on the AVI files on that drive to open them or copy them to your computer drive. They should run just as they are without converting the files. I have QuickTime Player and Nero StartSmart. Other video players support this file format also.

The AVI files may be very large. You can download a video file converter and convert these files to MP3 or something else that is smaller. Windows Movie Maker can be used to edit the video file, but I had to convert the file to WMV format because the Movie Maker kept kicking me out.

Date and Time Correction :-

You will notice that the Date and Time stamps imprinted across the bottom of the recording are WRONG. You can get it to display the correct Date and Time by following these instructions.

With the device connected to the computer, open up ’NOTEPAD’ (All programs - Accessories - Notepad)

You may now open the file TAG.TXT on the disk and amend it, or make a new file. Personally I find it easier to make a new file.

Type in as follows, noting the Brackets and separate line for each command, BUT, do type in the current Date and Time. Time is a 24-hour clock, i.e. 2:30 P.M. is 14:30. (Note: the way the date is displayed, yyyy/mm/dd)

[date] need space with new line
2012/12/31 need space with new line

Name the file TAG.txt. If you have used Notepad, it will add the ’.txt’ extension to the file. Now use ’Save As’ to save it to the device drive letter as shown in ’My Computer.’ Power off and unplug the camera from the USB cable and then power on the camera. It should pick up the date and time as soon as you power on the camera. The next time you record anything, it will play back with the date and time the recording was made.

NOTE: The second camera I received had an 8MB chip installed. The file TAG.txt contained ’ 2012/12/31 11:02:00 ’ on one line and nothing else in it. I changed the date and time, saved it, unplugged the camera from the USB, and promptly turned it back on. It immediately picked up the correct date and time for the next video.

To use as a Web cam :-

Plug the USB lead into the camera and computer, press the MODE button, it should now function as a Web cam for whichever program you use.

So, to start - Put the mini disc in the computer, but do not let it Autorun as most of the software on the disc is not needed.

What you will need is a file called SPCA 1528. This is a file with the extension "rar" which needs to be unzipped before it will install. You can use any unzip program. If you do not have  NOTE: Run at your own risk. I have not accessed this site.

Extract the file and install it to a suitable directory. This is the only file on the disc that you will need. The other files are the Chinese English Manual and a Video Player program that made my computer hang. Once the drivers are installed plug the camera into the USB then switch on the power. Push the "Mode' button once to enter web cam mode, a window will pop up saying "Installing Driver Software" once it has completed you can view the live capture with Programs/SPCA1528/amcap.exe" . Tip: Exit the Amcap program first before shutting down camera or program may not close (not responding error.)

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Akciós ár:   2.635Ft 

Netto:  2.075Ft


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